Services on demand

Our services promote deep roots, more living organisms in the soil, better water and air circulation so the grass can get the nutrients it needs. Thus, you can enjoy healthy, thick and robust lawn.

• Soil Aeration from 54$
• Seeding from 65$
• Top Dressing from 180$
• Renovation from 299$
• Mineral Fertilizing from 39$
• Organic Fertilizing from 59$
• Lawn Mowing from 30$
• Weed Control from 60$

We offer also other services like: lawn watering, shrub planting and extraction, garden cleaning and maintenance, gutter cleaning etc.

Don't hesitate to contact us!

***The prices are based on 1000pi yard.
***Additional charges may apply to oversized lots, corner lots, pie lots. Please call us for pricing.

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Vatal Lawn
  • 4 Organic Fertilizations
  • Aeration and Seeding - spring
  • Aeration and Seeding - fall
Only 440$*
*Taxes not included. Yard up to 3000 pi2.

Bare Feet on Grass

Children, People, Pets And Lawn Chemicals Don't Mix!
  • Eco-friendly lawn care
    for your well being!

  • Protection of your
    health and the

  • Your grass purifies
    the water and the air,
    produces oxygen
    and cools the air.
    Take care of it!